RPA Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s discuss about the most asked RPA interview questions and answers

Set - 1

  1. What is full form of VBO?
  2. What is the extension of the VBO?
  3. How to export or import VBO?
  4. How to create VBO?
  5. How to call VBO in process studio?
  6. Can we call multiple VBO in process studio?
  7. Can we call VBO in object studio?
  8. How call VBO in object studio?
  9. How many VBO can be called in object studio?
  10. Can we export or Import VBO?
  11. How many types of VBO are available?
  12. How to implement error handling in VBO?
  13. What is internal business object?
  14. Can we export or import internal business object?
  15. What is User defined VBO?
  16. Can we upload VBO to control room?
  17. What is action in VBO? Is it possible to use Code Stage in VBO?
  18. What is the default template of VBO?
  19. What happened when you publish an object?
  20. Can we publish object studio directly to control room?

Set - 2

  1. Is it possible to call Code Stage in process studio?
  2. How many types of VBO does blue prism provide?
  3. When you start the project? what documents did you receive from the client?
  4. What are the things available in FRD Document.
  5. Once your process is completed what are the documents you handover to Business Team?
  6. How many FTES are available in your process?
  7. Any SLS’s for your process? how can you overcome the sla’s?
  8. What are the different types of data types available in BP?
  9. I want to execute my process, what are different ways to run the process? (not control room)
  10. I have an 3 actions Action 1, Action 2, Action 3. we are trying to process 3 actions but action 2 is not processing. what was the issue?
  11. Is it timer action will be available in process studio?
  12. I want to get the current date like dd, mm, yy how will you do?
  13. I want to read the data from excel file, how many ways to read the data in excel file?
  14. If my ms excel vbo is not available how will you read the data in excel file?
  15. Which vbo is used for workque?
  16. What is d/f b/n in-progress and waiting?
  17. How to deploy your bots?
  18. How manage the existing changes in your process?
  19. How can you write a data into a notepad by using the variable?
  20. What are the commands we can use in OCR?

Set - 3

  1. How can you connect to the database?
  2. What the extension for the database?
  3. What are the main commands we use to work with OCR?
  4. How can you display second highest salary person details based on the id using 2 tables?
  5. Explain about the terminal emulator?
  6. What are the challenges u have faced while developing RPA?
  7. How can you encrypt the Data?
  8. What are the commands we can perform in object cloning?
  9. What’s your current project and explain about it?
  10. What are the lists of tools for robotic process Automation?
  11. What is special about RPA tools?
  12. Can you draw calculation, Decision, Page, Action symbols?
  13. Can you explain how can you open a login page?
  14. What are the commands you are using for login page?
  15. Can you explain work queues?
  16. Can you draw block, exception, recovery, resume symbols?
  17. Can you draw anchor tag?
  18. How can you create work queues?
  19. How can you work on error handling?
  20. What is the use of image reorganization?

Set - 4

  1. And how and where you used in your project explain?
  2. What are Excel commands and its ssubcommands
  3. What is the basics use of excel command? Explain technically.
  4. What is the difference between email automation and send mail?
  5. Tell me port no you if you used on your project?
  6. Domxpurpose, how and when we will used?
  7. If you are not using then what will be error?
  8. Tell me about tag, caption, path, value? (According to your project).
  9. Given scenarios based on excel and web manages control and object cloning basically.
  10. Different between patterns based data & regular data.
  11. Questions based on scenarios :
    • String Arrangements.
    • Form fill up, mapping.
    • Fill data from web page to excel.
    • Excel to web page.
    • Find out number of string and reverse order.
    • Based on sorting question.
  12. Difference between manage web control, window control & object cloning.
  13. Terminal emulator if you used in project?
  14. About repository & control room process.
  15. Basics diff keystrokes, mouse click? & where we can use?
  16. Version of tool? What is the new thing, in comparison to previous version?
  17. About production version explain?
  18. Can we connect excel file as a database? If yes, Then how? If no then why not?
  19. Difference between Delay and wait?
  20. What is Auto Login?

Set - 5

  1. How to read the Email messages by using Email Automation?
  2. How to send an Email?
  3. How will you read the data from Excel?
  4. What are the system parameters for EXCEL / XML / CSV?
  5. What is Release Manager?
  6. What is blue prism application server?
  7. What is “Verify Release”? How is it used in source code management?
  8. What is the extension of blue prism release file?
  9. What is the extension of VBO file?
  10. What is the difference between Export VBO & Release file?
  11. How do we import a release file?
  12. What is the shortcut command to import blue prism release file?
  13. Can we edit a blue prism release file?
  14. What is the difference between packaging & release file?
  15. Can we publish blue prism release file directly to control room?
  16. Can we integrate blue prism with Apache Subversion?
  17. What are the different components that can be added to the package?
  18. Where can you see release log? Can you modify those logs?
  19. Can we modify the existing blue prism package?
  20. Is there any VBO for managing package?
  21. How to update a package?

Set - 6

  1. How will you get the URL and paste into excel as hyperlink format?
  2. If the password is expired in while using credential. How will you reset it?
  3. In a project requires spying website as well as a windows application. How many objects will be created and integrated into Process
  4. How do you do Pivot in excel operations?
  5. What are documents recommended by Blue Prism are prepared before going to implementations?
  6. What phases are available through the RPA implementation?
  7. Apart from iteration, what are uses of work queues?
  8. How do you handle logging in your project?
  9. How to configure and use web services?
  10. Run modes with suitable example
  11. Spying mainframe applications – on spy mode and config changes in mainframe applications
  12. What is the successful %, failure % and Efforts reduced after RPA implementation?
  13. What are advantages of using Blue Prism?
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