Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere vs UiPath

Let’s discuss about major differences between blueprism, automation anywhere and uipath.

Key Differences

  • Automation Anywhere is more script based, while UIPath and BluePrism have visual process designers. This means you need to have better programming skills to use Automation Anywhere.
  • Automation Anywhere and UiPath have Macro Recorders, a feature that will get you up to speed in process mapping, while BP lacks this feature, due to their rather outdated technology. They say this is due to security constraints but a recorder is just a useful tool that you can choose not to use. The recorded actions can also be tweaked and changed as per your needs.
  • Beside these there are specific differences when it comes to automation techniques. You need to consider your process and the steps taken to automate. UiPath Robotic process Automation shines in Citrix and was specifically designed for BPO Automation, based on client insights.
  • From Cognitive Capability and Re – usability point of view Automation Anywhere leads the way.
  • Where as Blue Prism Shines in citrix automation designed for bpo automation and Large scale robot deployment is limited.
  • Client server architecture is much better with Blue Prism.

Detailed comparison

1FeaturesAutomation Anywhere UipathBluePrism
2LearningBasic developerVisual designAbility to develop and control
3Re – usabilityYesYesYes
4Cognitive CapabilityMediumMediumMedium
5AccuracyReasonable accuracy across mediumsShines in citrix automation designed for bpo automationDesktop, web and citrix automation available
6RobotsFront office & backoffice robotsFront office & backoffice robotsBack office automation only
7Operational ScalabilityLarge scale robot deployment is limitedFrequently fail/crash in medium project.Good And Execution speed is very high.
8Recorders (Macro Readers)Yes (faster process mapping).Yes (faster process mapping).No (does not exist).
9ArchitectureClient server architecture Web based orchestratorClient server architecture
10AccessApp based access only Browser and/or mobile accessApp based access only
11Process Designer Script basedVisual process designer Visual process designer
12Base TechnologyMicrosoftMicrosoft – sharepoint wf , elasticsearch, kibanaC#
13ReliabilityHighModerateVery high
14Pricing Higher cost of deployment Aggressive, attractive entry level pricingThe high cost of acquisition limited training available
15Certification and educationRecently launchedFree online training and certification programs available Certification program available.
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