Automation Anywhere Syllabus

Automation Anywhere Curriculum

  1. RPA and Why Automation Anywhere
  2. Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  3. Understanding the Features and Benefits
  4. Automation Anywhere Architecture and Components
  5. Explanation of  Bot Creator and Bot Runner
  6. Automation Anywhere Editors
  1. Introduction of Control room
  2. Control room features
  3. Viewing task relevant activities in Dashboard
  4. The Dash board
  5. User management in control room
  6. Create an user
  7. Managing the Repository
  8. Running and scheduling the task in control room
  9. Creating schedule
  10. Deleting schedule
  11. Control room settings
  1. Variable Operation
  2. String Operation
  3. If/Else
  4. Looping
  5. Mouse Click Details
  6. Keyboard usage details
  7. Comment
  8. Paly Sound
  9. Clip Board Operations
  10. Printer
  11. Prompt
  12. Wait
  13. Running Automated Task
  1. Create and Delete File
  2. Create and Delete Folder
  3. File Transfer Protocol
  4. Window Actions
  5. Log To File
  6. Manage Windows Controls
  7. Object Cloning
  1. Web Recorder
  2. Launch Website
  3. Send Email
  4. Internet Connection
  5. SOAP Web Service
  6. REST Web Service
  1. Read from CSV/Text
  2. Excel commands
  3. Log to CSV/Text
  4. Loop Commands
  5. Data Extraction/Input (CSV and Text file)
  1. Database connectivity
  2. Connect
  3. Disconnect
  4. SQL Query
  5. Run Stored Procedure
  6. Active Directory
  1. Error Handling
  2. Image Recognition
  3. Screen Capture
  1. App Integration
  2. OCR
  3. Email Automation
  4. Terminal Emulator
  5. PDF Integration
  6. Citrix Automation
  1. XML
  2. Security – PGP

1.Concept and working of MetaBots and IQBots

  1. Developing a Bot using PDF Operations & Email integration
  2. Developing a Bot using excel operations and Feed Data to website. Process Data and write back to Excel/DB
  3. Requirement Gathering, Documentation, Development, Deployment of real time project.
  1. From our side, we will provide course completion certification. But we recommend you to take the Automation Anywhere official certification.
  2. We guarantee you will pass the official certification exam.

Cognitive Automation and what’s next ?

Automation Anywhere Certification

You can appear for following certification exam after gaining sufficient knowledge in automation anywhere. We provide complete training for these and guarantee your pass in exam.

1. AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional
2. AA Certified Master RPA Professional

We provide a course completion certification from our institute on successful completion of this course.


Our trainer has around 5 years of experience in automation and more than 3 year in RPA. He works in one of the top US based product companies.

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

We will provide all required softwares, licenses and documents as well. You can use the tool in your laptop without any expiry.

Please let us know about your cancellation of enrollment within 48 hours. We will refund you the amount.

Yes.All of our projects are real time scenarios. Instructors are working in real time projects in the respective tools

It will be live online classes through either webex or FCC. You will also be given a conference number to dial in.